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The media has penetrated the hemispheres of today’s society by implanting itself into the framework of television, mobile devices, business interactions and other elements that shape our culture. There are a number of technologies that adapt quickly to the hyper-connectedness and transparency of social media such as MySpace, twitter, YouTube, blogging, and Facebook.

Social Media Technology Advancements

With advancements and hi-fi technology in mobile revolution, mobile ads such as the Smartphone is a great tool to get people closer to modern communication. Today, the Smartphone is integrating social media claims and having mobile browsers that permit people the ability to use social media channels anytime, anywhere. In January 2010, 30.8 % of Smartphone users accessed social networking sites through their mobile browser, which is an increase of 8.3 points from one year ago. Smartphones allow people to browse, tweet, and email, have video conferences, chat, and play online games with ease.

A recent study indicated that Facebook is the major channel that people utilize to share information such as videos, links, status updates, and news. Connectivity and software in western countries is allowing users to use these technologies with ease and developing countries such as India and China are rapidly catching up. Mobile phones today currently incorporate social media to be used directly with the aid of the integrate third party applications or the browser too.

Currently Facebook has over 500 users and is the most visited and attractive platform for business and consumers alike. Twitter, has also experienced significant growth in both PC-based and mobile visitors and in January it attracted 4.7 million mobile users. The average Smartphone has 22 apps, according to Nelsen.

Another segment of the population who use social media quite often is teens. With the use of texting for means of communication, Facebook is allowing teens to talk to wHOMEver they want, maintain a photo album, and grow a farm.

Internet marketing and mobile advertising are great tools to use for your business needs, the following are some methods, and strategies cover a broad range of the following:

  • Blogging
  • PPC
  • E-mail
  • Integrated and mixed strategies
  • SEO optimized press releases

Through carefully monitored and planned internet marketing methods, your message can be spread and targeted to people that you are trying to reach.

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Social Media Myrtle Beach

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