Social Media Trends

Social Media Trends

Trends and Predictions About Social Media Marketing – From Your Green Web Hosting Provider.

At a time when social media is exploding in popularity and businesses are rushing to build a social media marketing campaign, it comes as no surprise that a new report announced that Facebook and social media marketing will account for twenty-seven percent of all online purchases. Ten percent of the respondents in the study stated that their shopping would be "in addition" to purchases already planned.

Privacy Concerns Deter Shopping

Although the trend toward social media "buying" is growing, there is still a big hurdle to overcome. A whopping seventy-three percent of online shoppers said they would not purchase items through these sites because of their concerns for privacy and security.

Companies focus on converting fans to buyers, or turning "likes" into "buys."

  • Among users, seventy-one percent said that "liking" a company's Facebook fan page has little or no impact on their likelihood to purchase products or services from that company.
  • Commerce resulting from marketing will have the largest impact at the lower end of the funnel, in the consideration and conversion stages.
  • An important goal for companies is to understand how to use social media in each of these stages.

Have you purchased anything through Facebook yet and if so, what motivated you to do so?

Future Business Trends

The impact that Facebook and Twitter have on businesses has only begun. The power of these social sites as a transmission channel for commercial messages is immense and illegally to go away any time soon. It should be considered, however, that although these mediums will inadvertently go away, it is possible that there could be a shift from platform to platform.

Business marketers will need to learn smarter ways to motivate consumers and possibly affect their attitudes, behaviors, and continued sharing by members of a person's graph. By stimulating consumers, their online shopping will evolve, in social networks, or in brick and mortar stores.


  • These sites will begin to look less social and feel more exclusive.
  • Company campaigns will evolve to include customer support on Twitter.
  • These sites will become more serious in business.
  • Social commerce will evolve into "group buying" and "Facebook commerce". Consumers will move toward leveraging their social circle to shop and share their every purchase with their friends.

The world wide web is a giant network of sites and search engines as well as social networks consume content by the kilo daily. Keeping your site fresh, your visitors flowing and your online business green are important factors for today's success on the Internet. And may the Google gods smile upon your high-traffic, freshly updated web site.

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