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Social Media is the new “in” thing in internet marketing and SMO(social media optimization) is fast growing its roots in internet marketing. Social media is the fastest and most effective way of sharing information, promoting products and increasing potential clientele. The main reason for the success of social media or for that regard social networks is that people tend to believe more on “word of mouth” i.e. real time feedback on products and services rather than traditional advertisements. There are literally thousands of social networks all aiming to provide its users a platform to connect, share and socialize with other individuals.

Facebook however goes a step further than this. The multi-oriented platform presents its users with a wide range of features through which they can not only connect and share but also promote their business and run campaigns for their products! Facebook is the leading social network at the moment with a user base of over 350 million! The numbers itself speak for the success and popularity of the social networking giants.

Facebook is loaded with many features which provide social media marketing experts the opportunity of expanding their reach to millions.

Some of these features include:

Facebook Applications: This is the most vital element behind the success of Facebook. Applications on the Facebook platform can do wonders when it comes to monetizing products and establishing brand awareness. Most multi-national organizations get services form professional Facebook application developers who create application for Facebook that are engaging as well as viral. Facebook Fan Pages: Facebook Fan Pages are a great way to build your company’s online presence on Facebook. Interacting with clients, customers and Fans becomes a lot more fun with Facebook Fan Pages! Launching a new product? Starting a new service? Keep your fans updated with all the news. Post videos, pictures or just start a poll. The Facebook Fan Page is rich in features and Facebook Fan Page developers create custom looking and interactive fan pages so that it looks like your single page website!

Facebook Adverts:

Facebook Adverts are another quick and effective way of promoting your campaign and drawing users towards your products. The platform offers advertisement banners that can be optimized from regional targeting to age groups. You can select over a range of demographics so that your ad targets your niche audience better.

Facebook Connect:

Facebook Connect is a feature introduced exclusively for websites. With Facebook Connect integrated on your website you can easily communicate with and take advantage of the Facebook platform. Easy to use, Facebook Connect allows users to login to websites with their Facebook credentials therefore enabling them to share things with their Facebook network and posting news feeds and notifications on to their Facebook profile. Social Media has now become an essential ingredient in all marketing recipes and social networks such as Facebook are providing organizations, online agencies and entrepreneurs with a strong social networking tool.

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