Social Small Business Marketing Ideas

Social Small Business Marketing Ideas

You have heard all the hype about Facebook and Twitter, how you can just jump on there start promoting your small business marketing ideas , and thousands of people will come flocking to you to purchase your products and services.

Well that is the hyped up Hollywood version that so many so called "Social Media Guru's" would love to have you believe. What I am going to share with you today is exactly how these two mediums work when it comes to promoting your business through them.

Today the concepts I am going to share with you are not going to be earth shattering !! In fact your dear old Mum probable taught you all of these things when you are a kid. The problem is your life has become so busy (especially now that you own a business) that you may have forgotten these basic principles that will "over time" make your business stand out on Facebook and Twitter like a light house on a dark and stormy night.

Right then lets get straight into what actually works !!

The number one advantage that you need on Facebook and Twitter is to stand out from the crowd. But how do we do that Beanie I hear you ask? Again I repeat it is not rocket science but it does take some time and effort.

I tell all my clients when they first start using either Twitter or Facebook to just get on there and find people to friend or follow. Do not promote yourself at first, just sit quietly on the sidelines and watch what happens. Write down in a diary or journal all of the things that people do to you on there that really annoy you (like constantly inviting you too events that are around the other side of the world) and when the time comes to start promoting your small business marketing ideas do not do any of those things !!!

This will immediately make you stand out!

When someone gives you access to their private life by becoming your friend on Facebook, it is a privilege (you hear me correctly it is a privilege) that you should not take lightly. It is just like they are asking you into their house for a BBQ.

Now if you did get invited to their house for an actual BBQ you would not go there and constantly talk to them all night about your business, or write your web site links all over their walls, would you? Yet this is exactly what most businesses I see on Facebook do !! Then they wonder why it does not work !!

If you want my number one tip for succeeding on Facebook here it is. When you first get on there look up and friend Justin Herald (Intimate Sunglasses) Justin has how to use Facebook for business promotion nailed. A brilliant mix of his personal life and business pursuits that is never in your face or annoying. And he builds relationships one on one. I know this because he actually responded to a question that I asked him andave me his personal details so that I was able to contact him, and he helped me sort out a problem that I was facing in my business.

Enough about Facebook now it's on to my personal favorite Twitter

Twitter is a real time interaction tool. It is great for keeping your finger on the pulse of what is happening in your community, and again for building relationships with other business owners within your community. People that you would never have had the time to go and actually personally meet.

It is not an ATM (Automatic Tweaking Machine) this is my pet peeve with many Twitter users. If you just want to blast out a message to thousands of uninterested people do not even bother setting up a Twitter account, because it is not going to work. Television and Radio are far more appropriate advertising mediums if you want to try the blast your message out there and hope approach.

Twitter is all about one on one interaction. It is not about getting 100 followers a day. I would rather be following 10 quality real life tweeps on Twitter than 10000 automated accounts. Quality not quantity is the key to Twitter.

By now you should have a far better understanding of exactly how Twitter and Facebook really work when it comes to promoting your small business marketing ideas online. So get out there be yourself and enjoy your time on there.

And always remember what your Mum told you!

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