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What spelling bee practice tips can you use right now to improve your skills? Is there any way to boost your spelling ability, just days before a spelling bee? This article shares three tips that just might help those students who have waited until the last minute to prepare for the big event.

If you’ve not been preparing for a spelling bee throughout the year, you still may have a chance to do well. But if you’re serious about succeeding at a spelling bee, you need to get serious about doing a few key things, even at the last minute.

Tip #1 – Look at a lot of words.

Review words from your spelling class, especially those you have missed during the year. Look ahead to words at the end of your current spelling book. Write out ones that are difficult.

One of the best things to study for last-minute spelling bee practice is a list of frequently misspelled words. Find one online. See how many of the words you already know. Add the others to your list.

Also review common spelling patterns and a few basic spelling rules, especially those used in forming plurals and adding suffixes.

Tip #2 – Spell a lot of words aloud.

Practice spelling a lot of words aloud with friends and family members. Ask them to quiz you from your list of difficult words. Ask them to quiz you on words from the front page of the newspaper. If no one is available to help you, tape your word list to the side of a mirror. Glance at a word quickly, then look at yourself and spell it aloud. Check back at your list to see if you were correct.

Tip #3 – Don’t panic.

The night before the bee, don’t stay up all night cramming. That will only make you more tired, cranky and even nervous. Instead, go to bed on time. Get up a little earlier in the morning and wake up your brain with some exercise and spelling practice. Eat a good breakfast in the morning that includes some protein.

As you walk up to the microphone, take a deep breath, relax and smile at the judges. When your word is pronounced, take a moment to picture its correct spelling. Then spell it. You’ll either get it right or wrong, whether you studied for one year, one month, or one day.

Of course, if you had spent months and months in preparation, you would be much more likely to spell more words correctly. So next year, consider starting your spelling bee practice a few months earlier!

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