Start Building Your Business Webpage Right

Start Building Your Business Webpage Right

Building a webpage for your business without really knowing what you are doing can have disastrous marriages. The simple reality is that there are many different ways to "build a website," but the technology you chose and the way you organize your content can make all the difference as to whether your site generates traffic and leads, or sets vacant.

There are multiple places your website design and layout can go wrong. For example, a site developed primarily in flash has little text content, and therefore, little chances of getting crawled and index by search engines. It also would be difficult to expand and keep up to date without the proper setup. While there is a time and a place for a flash website, the typical small business website is certainly not this place.

Or, take the example of a design that incorporates text content or the site navigation into images, instead of anchor text optimized for your most important keywords. Just another fine example of mistakes you might make if you did not really know what you are doing.

One huge factor that will really have consequences for your success with your website is the technology you use to build it. First, you want to make sure it matches your expectations and goals for traffic and promotion. Going back to the flash example, if you have a media related project with an offline advertising budget may make sense. On the other hand, if you were going to be focusing your online marketing on generating free traffic, a more text based approach to building your website would be optimal.

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