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Every new marketer is extremely excited when he/she first starts on the Internet. There are some necessary steps that you should take before jumping from one social marketing site to the other one and creating profiles. Here are some of the steps needed to consider before you start registering for every social network you see out there.

First, you should secure your name or identity across various social marketing sites. When you create a profile, you should make sure that you keep all of your information consistent through all different sites that you register with. To make things much easier, you should have only one password for all of your registered sites. If you chose several passwords, trust me that many times you will end up with looking through your notebook to find the “right” password for the “right” website. Since we love to automate our business and be productive as much as we can, we try to make our work as simple as possible.

Second, choose a professional looking picture that you like and post that same picture on all of your sites. The reason behind choosing only one picture is that you want a repetition so when someone checks out your name and finds you on various websites, then they can easily remember your face and feel comfortable with you.

Once, you are ready to register with different social media sites, you should consider a few sites instead of many so you can have control over your sites and be consistent on the ones you choose. Remember that if you create your profile on different sites and visit them once a month, you will not benefit from them because consistency is the key to success.

If you like blogging, then you should consider writing one blog each day and post it on sites like and Make sure that when you blog, you have a variety. Meaning, have some pictures and videos within your blog’s body. After you write your blog, distribute it to sites like Digg and Reddit to help your URL to be distributed to more sites.

You should also write articles and do article marketing. You can post your articles on popular sites like, and Although, article marketing takes time, but you will get the benefits in the long run.

Video marketing is another method of getting your word and your face out there. If you are comfortable about being on camera, then you should decide on video marketing versus article marketing because videos sometimes rank better on search engines than articles do. Choose the method of marketing that you feel the most comfortable with and get to work. If you decide on blog or article marketing, then you should write one article a day and publish it in the websites mentioned above. If you like video marketing, then create one video each day and upload it in and make sure that whatever marketing method you choose, you always post your blog, article or video on Facebook, Twitter, Squidoo and any other social media site that you decide to subscribe to. Good luck and have success.

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