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Facebook has turned into a giant in the field of social media. With so many people connected daily it is an awesome opportunity for increasing the market share of your online business. Deciding to use affiliate marketing on social media websites is now seen as a viable way to increase your income online.

When using Facebook for affiliate marketing, it appears some people are successful while others are not. Why is there a disparity in the rate of success and how can it be overcome? The following is information you need in order to be a success in affiliate Facebook marketing.

What You Need to Know

What is affiliate marketing? This is when a person signs up with a company's affiliate program to promote the products the company is selling. Normally a sign up fee is not involved and you make money from the commission you receive for the sales of the goods. A link that is exclusively assigned to you keeps track of the sales inquiries you forward relating to a product. The company then processes the purchase requests for the completed sale.

What Is Required of You?

First, you need to be a member of Facebook. Once you join you want to make friends on Facebook. This can be accomplished by joining groups, starting a group, and inviting people you know. To affiliate market on Facebook successfully you will need numerous friends. Promote and include links to your page regarding the product. The goal is to have your friends share the information of the product or link with their friends in hopes of it going viral and you make lots of money.

Facebook Affiliate Marketing

Applications – Radical buy is an application used on Facebook to promote classified ads. It allows you to sell or buy product on Facebook and receive a commission from the company that is advertising the ad. If the product is purchased after being placed on your page you will receive a commission. This is just one of the applications used for affiliate marketing on Facebook.

Pay Per Click- Another option to use is Facebook ads. The ads on Facebook allows you to target a niche group of people who would be interested in the product displayed in the ad. Using a Facebook ad allows the consumer to link to a sales page bypassing the need for a landing page or website. You pay either cost per click or cost per view when advertising on Facebook.

By being creative when using the affiliate marketing options on Facebook you will be successful.