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Successful Web Design Companies, Part 1

Creating a quote for a job is a difficult task if you are a part of or managing a web design company. Putting a price on your skills can be complicated. You do not want to charge too much, but you want to make the job worth your time. You have to consider everything from how much you will need to outsource to what the job requirements are. Meanwhile, the only thing the person you are working for is concerned about is how much the project is going to cost. One of the easiest ways to handle this is to break it down into who does what job at your web design company.

The first category of jobs has to do with the creative process that goes into creating a website. This may include graphic designers, copy writers, or flash developers. Many people who use website design company services may even wonder if this type of work is necessary. They see free hosting and templates everywhere, so why do they even need you? Here is a look at what the creative people on your team need to know.

• Photoshop. Photoshop and other similar software are important, but it is also complicated and it can take a long time before someone can really consider them an expert on the subject. However, if you do understand it, you can design logos, buttons, and other artwork for the website.

• Web Languages. Speaking of complicated, browsers have to be told what they should be doing at any given time and the only way to do this is to understand the language the browser speaks. The more popular ones are HTML and JavaScript, but CSS, PHP, ColdFusion, and others might be necessary as well. Even free templates may need a little html before they work properly and chances are your client does not know it.

• Marketing. SEO is all you need to know here. Most clients are not aware of it or how it works.
• Usability. If a website is not usable by customers, it may as well not even exist.
• Good Content. A website has to content and preferably good content. Someone has to create it; it does not come along with a free web template.

The next category has to do with development of software, website development, and programming. What does a good website design company need to know about development?

• Good websites have features that allow customers to interact. Shopping carts and feedback forums are just a few. A good programmer can provide these. A template can not. This may also involve front-end design knowledge.

• Programmers also need to know how Google or other search engines will interact with what they do.

• Also, a good programmer will know how to and will test how those features function. He or she will also analyze the results.

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