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The websites view with each other for click and optimization of the traffic. In fact it is not necessary that the magnitude of traffic should match with the revenue generated by through the website. The success of the web design depends on the number of clicks but mostly on the clicks converted to money. The clicks can be converted to money only when the visitor pays the money and buys what is offered on the website. Some of the best ways to promote the rate of conversion from visitor to buyer are as follows.

Mentioning of Direct Phone Number

When the direct phone number is stated on the website, especially in the header, the prospective buyer tends to consider the website more trustworthy. This leads to increase in the sales and revenue generation. When most of the businesses do not give their direct contact number, the act of giving the direct phone number is very unique.

Google Website Optimizer

The Google Website Optimizer is one of the best tools to find the basis of sale. This tool shows how the visitors happened to interact with the website. It also exhibits the effect of variation in pages. This tool conducts the tests on a completely new platform. It is possible that you may have invested a fortune on the advertisement but do not know the exact cause for the increase in the revenue generated. This is where Google Website Optimizer assists in understanding the exact cause of the change.

Quote form

The quote form should be as simple as possible so that the visitor or prospective buyer does not find it difficult filling up the quote form.

Order System

The order system needs to be perfect. If the order system is messed up or not maintained properly it is possible that you lose customers because of your own inefficiency.

Image illustrated Testimonials

A simple text based testimonial is very common and there are chances of it being fabricated. On the other hand, if the testimonial is on the letter head of the client and if the image of this letterhead is put on the website it is going to have a big positive impact on the conversion rate.

Simple and Clear

A website that is simple and clear will communicate better and the rate of conversion form visitor to buyer is going to be higher. The designer needs to show the prospective buyer of his / her service that he / she believes in clarity and transparency.

Email address

If you can not generate revenue from the visitor then it is better to try for the visitor's email address. Get the email address of the visitor and keep him / her regularly updated about the latest changes on your website.

The other ways to increase the conversion is by increasing the trust by adding the physical address of the business. The other strategies include to hike the conversion include updating of portfolio, correcting the mistakes in spellings and revitalization of copy.

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