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Men would never admit this, but, the truth is that they don’t really know how to tell women that they like them. When it comes to expressing their feelings, they are pretty clumsy. Men never know what the right thing to say is and it’s pretty difficult to tell if they are really interested in you or they are just playing a game. You need to be pretty good at reading between the lines to find out if the guy next to you is just putting in practice some dating tips to get you in bed or he really likes you.

Men who just want to spend some time with you and then to move on won’t be consistent in their behavior. They will get bored of pleasing you sooner or later and you will notice their interest in you decreasing. On the other hand, men who like you and want to turn casual dating into a long term relationship are doing some things that actually transmit you this message. They won’t declare their love for you out loud, but they will let you know.

He Is Happy to Be with You

If the guy you are dating is in a good mood every time you go out together and if he has a smile on his face when he meets you, you have high chances of finding a man who likes you. He might not admit that you are the reason of his good mood, but you have to look for clues in his body language. This says more than a thousand words sometimes. No one is happy without a reason and if he is happy during your date, it means that you are the reason.

He Tries to Make You Happy

A man that treats you right is a man who likes you. Being polite and attentive to your needs means that he cares about you and he wants to make you feel good. If he pays attention to the fact that you need him to carry your bag or that you need a handkerchief, you are lucky and you found a man that wants you to be happy.

He Listens to You

You can also consider yourself lucky if you notice that he pays attention to what you say. Men aren’t listening to you unless they like you. If he remembers your favorite colors or your favorite love poem even though you slightly mentioned them in a conversation, it means that he does his best to be on the same wavelength with you and to please you.

He Stays in Touch with You

Another sign that he likes you is the fact that you hear from him often. He calls to see how you are or he happens to be around your office when it’s lunch time. He wants to spend time with you and he wouldn’t want this unless he likes you.

All the things he does can help you tell if he’s worth your time or not. Look for the signs and you can tell right from the start if you have a change of living a true love together or if you’d better find another guy.

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