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Innovation is a very important stage for any type of business nowadays, we are kind of fed up to hear everywhere innovate or else die, innovation is closely related to technology, there is a time when we face somewhat like a dilemma in the innovation curve. no matter if it is a product, service, marketing, application, potential or lateral.

What is really hidden in the very core of this concept? we must answer several questions, of course many questions arise when we are talking about this, however we can summarize these: How can you make an economic decision about technologies? How to transfer a technology into an innovation? What distinguishes sustainable from disruptive technologies? Which factors decide about the innovations to pursue? What is characteristic for successful innovations? How can you successfully design the process of innovation? How can you accelerate the product development process successfully (within an innovation cooperation)? What determines the change from closed to open innovation? How to enhance the creativity of a company and include knowledge from the outside? Once we have asked ourselves these questions we have to understand what stage are we into now? where are we focusing our efforts, are we using peacemaker technology, key technology, basic technology, or a former technology?

Sustainable technologies improve the performance of established products, along the dimensions of performance that mainstream customers in major markets have historically valued in the other hand Disruptive technologies bring to market a very different value proposition than had been available previously. They have features that a few fringe (and generally new) customers value, based on this we can say that Disruptive technologies are typically cheaper, simpler, smaller, and, frequently, more convenient to use, by introducing a new performance dimension to the product and therefore creating a new market among non-consumers or by providing a clearly less expensive solution – often in trade off for reduced performance, say, targeting customers who do not value the extra features/high performance of the existing product or simply cannot afford it (low-end disruptive innovation).

Disruptive technologies are only applicable in insignificant or new existing markets result in worse product performance, at least near-term under-perform established products in mainstream markets, are afflicted with a high level of uncertainty and risk.The result of this is the incumbents abide by the established technology and avoid to cannibalize their income by disruptive technologies or respectively to enter unprofitable markets. Thus, they block themselves the access to new growth markets or miss the development (incumbent inertia), this bring forth what is called the innovator dilemma.

Advices for innovation management goes to three very important levels, first from the Executive level, there hast to be an adjustment of the organizational structure, second, application of the Discovery Based Planning, and preparatory management of the portfolio with strategic options. After we set up the Executive level, we should strive our attention to the Disruptive Technology Scanning, what we mainly do here is a definition and analysis of the value chain competition industry cost structure, an Evaluation of a new technology towards disruptive characteristics and a Trajectories mapping Evaluation relating the existing value chain.

And the third level is Developing the Opportunities and Business Models and this consist on Mapping of the new value networks, Identification of opportunities and development of adequate business models and the Formulation of a portfolio with strategic options. Doing so our innovation curve will not experience damage or critical alteration which will result on many problems.

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