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Win With Google AdWords

Maximize Your Return on Investment with Google AdWords Most businesses want a cost-effective way to bring in more customers. The challenge is to find prospects who are thinking about your products at the exact time that you reach them. With

Google AdWords Consultant – Hire One Or Be One?

In the world of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising especially Google AdWords it's really not that difficult to find a "Google AdWords Consultant" that will gladly show you how to put together and run your AdWords campaigns or even set

When WordPress Permalinks Don’t Work

You have just completed the installation and configuration of your new WordPress blog–by the book. You proudly log into the dashboard and select a customized permalink (I use /%postname%/) and then hit the “Save Changes” button to save your configuration.

SEO Strategy: Use LSI Keywords

The SEO strategy of a site will make or break its success, so it is vitally important for a site owner to develop a strategy which will keep the page ranking for a very long time. Do this right the

5 Online Marketing Trends of 2017 You Must Know

If you are a passionate marketer just like me, who is striving hard to keep up with the pace of vicissitudes occurring in the content marketing industry, you will definitely enjoy exploring this article! Talking about the year 2017 on

Website Marketing – How Your Business Can Benefit From Having a Website

This article explains the importance of having a website and how to easily and cost-effectively attract highly targeted visitors to your website – visitors that are likely to be interested in buying your products or services. Your Website is the

How to Create SEO Friendly Website

These days, each and every website designer needs to have a fair amount of knowledge of search engine optimization. Web promotion is not something which online marketers require as website designers also need this at some point of time to

5 Do-It-Yourself SEO Techniques That Works!

Do you need to spend a bomb to hire self-proclaimed gurus to assist you with search engine optimization (SEO)? No! We all know the importance of SEO to our internet business. The following 5 Do-It-Yourself SEO techniques can save you

SEO – The Common Mistakes

When undertaking SEO on a website It is important to look for and identify the simple and common SEO mistakes that are made. Common mistakes in SEO affect Search Engine Rankings and should be avoided to minimise the threat of