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How to Install Google Analytics in Blogger

While your current website host probably already provides some basic information, here are just a few of the reports that Google Analytics has to offer: New Visitors vs Returning Visitors Absolute Unique Visitors Average Pageviews per Visitor Average Time spent on Site Traffic Sources (Referring Sites) Visitors Geographic Location Keywords used to find Your Site […]


What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free web analytic tool that can help you create effective sites and increase ROI on marketing campaigns. It can help answer all the important questions about your site and marketing activities, such as: • Where my customers are coming from • How to make marketing campaigns move effective • Where are […]

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Social Media Advertising – Future Trends

The rapid evolution of social media has led to consumers controlling brands rather than marketers. Influencing news coverage through press releases and media relationships is far more difficult now with news channels creating and depicting stories hand-in-hand with the general public. 30 percent of frequent social networkers trust their peers' opinions when making a major […]

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Social Media Marketing Trends

Today, many new areas of opportunity and pathways of consumer traffic are becoming the topic of interest of marketing people everywhere. It’s called social marketing and it appears to be here to stay. These new social marketing areas put the advertising directly in the paths of people where they are in the normal course of […]