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If you want to beat your competitors, you should pay due attention to the Facebook marketing strategies. In September 2009, Facebook was rated number two, and rated higher than YouTube and Yahoo. It is evident that Facebook has a great future and has what it takes to help us make more money in our businesses. This article is designed to help you take advantage of some simple concepts for your own profit.

In the first place, let us find out the purpose of Facebook to majority of online users. Basically, social networks are established to spell their name – socialize and network. People do not want to be bothered with business offers on their Facebook accounts over and over again. It annoys me when people on Facebook send me "opportunity of a lifetime" messages. You might as well feel the same way. But stop it immediately if you are among those who send such offers.

It begins with connecting with people on Facebook. Then, try as much as possible to help benefit people or add value to their lives. If your goal is to add value to people, your message should convey the same. If you do this consistently, people will instinctively be attracted to looking at your business offers without you bothering them.

This is not different from the concept of networking in a church or the chamber of commerce meeting. May be you have been attacked with a business offer in the church. How does it feel? I feel annoyed especially if the offer to buy a product keeps repeating. But do people get business offers in church? Of course, they do.

Let us make it clear Facebook is not my main promotional strategy, but I use it often. What I do is connect with people who opt in to my newsletter by finding them on Facebook and saying hello. I have discovered that this simple act of connecting increments the amount my subscribers purchase from me by 200%. I also connect with people who ask me questions. It is simple; a couple of times per week are enough for me to respond to all my messages.

This simple technique has created great relationships for me. I have also made a lot of money through it. Give it a try and let me have your feedback.

Do not forget the following principle to taste the success of Facebook Marketing . Sow bountifully and you will reap bountifully. This is the simple law that governs all successful, long-term marketing online.

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