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Attention teachers!

You think only big businesses and celebrities can have their own websites? Think again!

In 2011, having your own website has never been easier. If you were given a resource that will help you communicate with your students and their families easier and faster, would you use it?

If you were given the opportunity to use a system that can make teacher-student-parent interaction more fun and transparent, would you take advantage of that opportunity?

Having your own website is a very good resource. It is important that you take advantage of this awesome and inexpensive tool to enhance your teaching abilities. Let me count the ways …

1. Your message will be available to your students and their families 24 hours, 7 days a week, anywhere in the world.

No more excuses about not being able to show their HOMEwork folders to their parents. Parents can be on vacation in Puerto Rico and still, they should be able to see the HOMEwork from your website.

When your students do not turn in their HOMEwork and you call their parents, do not you ever get tired of hearing, "Well, James did not show us his folder …" or, "It was not written on his HOMEwork folder … "

With a website, those days are gone. Your website can be viewed from anywhere in the world. Case closed.

2. Post your announcements, HOMEwork, upcoming tests and deadlines for your students and their parents to see.

Again, since your announcements can be viewed anytime, anywhere, there are no excuses for "not knowing" about them.

3. Since you can view it on any computer with an internet, it is very convenient for parents to check for upcoming tests, deadlines, conferences and assignments.

4. You can post your message anywhere too!

As long as you have a computer or laptop, you can post your messages from anywhere, anytime. You can be off for that day and still be able to post the schedule for your students and parents to follow. Pretty convenient right?

5. It is super cool to have your own website!

We now live in the computer, information and internet age. Your students will definitely find it interesting and awesomely COOL that their teacher has her own website. It can captivate their attention and improve participation.

6. With a website, you can connect to other educators, not only from around your district but also from around the world and share techniques and philosophies with them.

Are you ready to take advantage of this great opportunity?

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