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The History of Team National

Team National is a growing company that’s been in operation since 1997. Founder Dick Loehr, a direct salesman for many years, finally created his own company to help other entrepreneurs succeed.

The basic premise of Team National is that they provide discounts on a variety of products, ranging from 20 different industries, to customers. Customers can puchase these discounts (in the forms of coupons and deals) for anywhere between $400 and $2,000 dollars. The idea is that the savings will be much more than this amount, when customers cash in on all of the deals.

Reps make money when they convert customers into their downlines. The goal is to sell as many discount packages as you can, and also encourage others to start their own HOME based business by doing the same. Commissions are earned on your downline, and your personal sales as well.

The big question for many who are considering joining Team National, or who have already joined, is this: How can reps get enough leads to bring them true success?

Selling to friends and family is a fairly pointless pursuit. What real success looks like is thousands of people in your downline, and adding new reps each day. So where can one start?

What are Leads? How Do You Use Them?

Leads are king. You can either pay for them, or generate them yourself. Many people choose to pay for them, and they end up chasing a lot of cold leads. The issue with paid leads is that you generally don’t know their quality until you’ve already paid for them. The process can be a big waste of time and money.

Sometimes with Team National, reps have been known to purchase leads (from a cheap price of $.050 to a more expensive, $5.00 lead) from a company and end up with huge headaches. It turns out, some people have been promised a “gift” by signing up on a website. They sign up, hoping to get something free from Team National. Instead, they get phone calls from reps asking if they’d like to own their own business.

You can see the issues with these leads. And it’s not Team National’s fault; it’s the iffy companies that generate insufficient leads, and try to pass them off as quality to representatives.

It’s not a fair game. Any seasoned Team National rep knows this. Sometimes, it can pay off to try and generate your own Team National leads.

Generating Team National Leads

Generating your own leads is free and can lead to much warmer, more trusting prospects. While it takes a bit of time to initially set up your lead generating system, the rewards can be worth the time investment.

The basic methods for lead generation include building a website or blog, and driving traffic to that blog through SEO, social media, PPC, article marketing, blog comments, and forums. Once prospects are driven to your site, you can gather their information through an automated system, and follow up with the leads at your convenience.

Benefits include less time spent on the phone explaining your venture (because your leads will already be familiar with your opportunity, and you), less time spent chasing dead leads, and more money in your pocket since you truly haven’t paid anything for the leads. Quality is incredibly important for time-pressed representatives.

It’s not difficult to set up these systems, it just requires a bit of knowledge about the internet and some diligence in learning the best way to set up your lead generation system. But there is no reward without hard work, and luckily, working on lead generation can pay off in spades.

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