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  1. It's huge. Millions of people are on Facebook, including a lot of people in your church. By having a church Facebook page, you will effectively reach a lot of people. A Facebook page is more than just a placeholder for your church's online identity. It's a form of testonomy, outreach, and witness. Having a Facebook page is an excellent way to be involved in these forms of outreach.
  2. It's free. What church does not want to save more money? Facebook is free, and it will be for the foreseeable future. Although custom-made church websites can get really pricey, you can have a powerful web presence with a Facebook page … and not spend a dime.
  3. It's interactive. Facebook involves users in the whole experience. There are things to see, do, read, click, view, etc. There are forums, photos, videos, and more. Using a Facebook page for your church gives you a way to provide a more comprehensive user experience.
  4. It's current. The cardinal sin of church websites is that they are rarely updated. Church websites that are not updated are church websites that are functionally dead. Thankfully, a church Facebook page can stay current, especially when members and users are interacting on the page.
  5. It's easy to use. Once you get the hang of it, Facebook is a cinch. You can even post updates from your mobile phone if you'd like. The power of Facebook is its wide-reaching use, and absolute simplicity. No complex coding required.
  6. It's data-rich. As mentioned above, Facebook has a lot of potential for use. You can store a lot of information on Facebook. It can serve as your church photo album. A place for articles. A forum for discussion. A calendar. Facebook contains a wealth of potential, and it can be put to good use by churches.
  7. It's community. Churches are for community. In today's world, community happens online. Failing to be on Facebook is a failure to engage the primary mode of online community. Facebook will never and should never replace actual church gatherings, but it can provide a sustaining source of community online.
  8. It's connection. Facebook is about connections. It's about forming relationships, forging relations, and keeping people informed. This is invaluable for the church.
  9. It's relevant. One of the great things about Facebook is that it's current. It creates a way for the church to engage a form of relevant media that people are more likely to use.
  10. It's fun. Last, but not least, Facebook can be enjoyable. Sure, some people spend a bit too much time on it. Nonetheless, the church can appreciate the fact that this is one source of connection that people will be likely to enjoy.

Creating a church Facebook page does not take long. Why do not you get started?

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