Tests to Find Out What a Man Really Wants From You! Now You Will Be Sure About His Intentions

It goes without saying that relationships can be complex. As it is most men by nature don’t talk and express themselves much. For most women one of the toughest relationship queries is the status and what your man is really looking from you. Cast aside your worries and do these simple things to find out.

Be patient

Most women are impulsive by nature and it so happens that if a woman really like a guy too much there is always a fear of doing too much too soon to please her man. This will tend to work adversely for you because a man inherently wants to win over his woman. So, if you go in all guns firing, this need will diminish. So bide your time, if he really sees a future with you, in his way he will let you know.

Just casual sex or more

This is a dilemma faced by millions of women the world over, the one of sex and commitment. If you are serious, don’t make the mistake of sleeping with him too soon. If he is into you even with the sex factor out of the way, it means he wants to be in a meaningful relationship with you.

Closeness out of bedroom

Sex is a huge thing in a relationship. With physical intimacy in place, pay close attention to his behaviour towards you. If he is always loving and caring towards you, it’s a sign that he wants a deeper relationship with you.

The providence factor

If he is looking at your relationship as a long time thing, gauge his ability of taking care of you. If he begins to strive more and becomes more serious at his work after hitting off with you it is a sign that he is really into you.

His willingness to talk will show you lots.

There is nothing easier than honest heart to heart meaningful conversations where he is willing to talk and is receptive to you. If he has this ability then you wouldn’t have a difficult time figuring out what he really wants and whether or not you are just another person in his life.

You are in his “others” talks

If you figure quite regularly in his conversations with his friends, colleagues and family and more often than not he has nice things to say about you, you can be sure that he is looking at your relationship seriously and he is seeking more than just friendship and companionship from you.

He is making plans for the future

Everyone makes plans for the future and so is he, be it regarding a better income, a good house a comfortable lifestyle and so on. If he confides in you about his future plans and you get hints that you are part of them, most times it means that he envisions a future with you and wants to be in a long committed relationship with you.