Texture Use in Web Design

Texture Use in Web Design

Texture Use in Web Design

Textures, which add a desired affect or background to an image or website, are now becoming more commonplace in graphic design and web design in general.

Textures are basically overlaid patterns on images or backgrounds. Usually intended to make the design feel more realistic, they can consist of photographs of rock or soil, cloth, or any other type of material. In computer graphics, a texture makes things look more visibly realistic and, since the quality of texturing in the computing field has improved so much over the years, there are now many options for using it.

Tools for digitally laying a texture over a photograph are now commonplace. These can be used to accomplish specific tasks or add some artistry, or simply to add color or emotion to a picture. Textures are often a part of popular image editing programs to use on existing files. They can also be purchased or even made from scratch. With a digital camera and the right software, something in the environment could be used to import into the program and add to a picture, for example.

It is not hard to acquire textures, however. They are free on some sites, but one must be careful that each is large enough and has a resolution suitable for looking realistic. Textures specifically for graphic design can be found online and can be used to form a unique background or wallpaper. Oftentimes digital paintings can be created or the files can be used when designing a video game.

Qualities in a texture that make it more beneficial include its repeatability; if one can not be repeated, duplication will likely result in seams and negatively affect the final outcome. Duplication is often needed to size it correctly so it fits the image or page. Large and detailed textures are most suited for graphic design. While free textures are convenient and easy to find, they are often prohibited from commercial use, while the simple methods of creating them can be utilized for producing a product to sell online.

Aside from creating business opportunities on the web, textures add to the creative aspect of graphic design, providing more ways to enhance an image and set it apart from everything else. A brick, wood, metal, water, or sky texture can generate a mood or unique look. Any graphic can be tailor to however the designer wants it to be. On the web, this provides infinite possibilities in setting aside a website from the millions already out there.

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