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Having a professional website is crucial. This is true in any industry, but especially when it comes to dental websites where your success depends on your ability to show patients you’re their best choice for top-notch care.

A modern dental website design by Iconic Graphics

If your dental website isn’t as polished as it could be, if it’s got bland stock photography or a generic template you got for free when you registered its domain or if it does nothing to communicate your unique brand, your website is costing you money. It’s costing you money in consultations not scheduled, appointments not booked and prospective patients having no idea you exist.

Dental practices aren’t the only ones in the dental field who need great websites. If you’re a dental supply company, an orthodontist or any other professional in the oral health world, take a look at our top picks for dental website designers.

We know it can be tough to find a designer to hire who’s not just great, but great at dental web design, so we made it easy by listing the best dental website designers we know all in one spot.

The 10 best dental website designers to hire in 2022

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How did we choose these as the top dental website designers?

So how did we pull these 10 designers from the thousands on 99designs? By looking closely at each designer’s…


Every designer on 99designs is assigned a skill level. When a new designer joins the platform, our team of in-house design experts carefully looks through their portfolio to see the originality of their ideas, their understanding of design principles and how they technically execute designs.

After taking a close look at a new designer’s portfolio, our team assigns them one of three levels:

  • Top level
  • Mid level
  • Entry level

When you look at a designer’s portfolio page, you’ll see their skill level displayed right under their name. By doing this, we make it super easy for you to see whether a designer’s got years of experience or if they’re up-and-coming. If you work with one of our top 10 dental website designers, you’re working with a top level designer—somebody who’s shown us that they’re a website design pro.

Experience with dental website design

Being a website design pro isn’t enough to be one of our top picks for dental website designers. To make the cut, a top level website designer also has to have sufficient experience creating dental websites. Take a look at our top picks’ portfolios and you’ll see tons of different examples of what a successful dental website can look like, from your traditional clean, white aesthetic to websites as unique as the patients their practices serve.


The last thing we looked at to make our top picks was designers’ records of delivering service with a smile. We chose designers who take professionalism just as seriously as they take design because we understand how important it is that a designer be friendly, communicative and overall, easy to work with.

What to think about when hiring a dental website designer

When you look at different designers’ portfolios to find the one who’s best for your project, think about what you want your website to look like and what you need it to do. To get a better understanding of what makes an effective website, brush up on the fundamentals of branding and effective web design. With these in mind, you can gauge prospective designers’ ability to deliver a website that matches your vision accurately. Two critical things to think about when you’re hiring a dental website designer are:

  • How a designer’s style meshes with your brand
  • Your budget and timeline for the project
modern minimal dental web design
Web design by ubrx

Ask yourself, what’s your brand? This needs to be at the forefront of your mind when you’re hiring a dental website designer because it will determine whether a designer is a good fit for your project (or not). For example, if your brand is calm, gentle dentistry aimed at patients who have anxiety about going to the dentist, look for a designer who’s created websites for similarly soothing brands.

Your website needs to show prospective patients you’ll deliver the results they’re after, which might be a flawless smile for a cosmetic patient or a kid-friendly, fun approach that makes going to the dentist a great experience for the whole family.

Always keep your budget and timeline in mind when you’re vetting potential designers for your project. If you already have a website and it just needs a refresh, work with a web designer who can do exactly that.

Are you ready to hire a smile-winning dental website designer?

As a dental professional who offers specific value patients won’t find elsewhere, your website should communicate exactly why you’re the best choice for the patient population you serve. Work with a designer who knows how to make your practice shine and build a website that drives the conversions you’re after. If our picks don’t have you grinning from ear to ear, search our platform for a designer who will!

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