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Facebook is greatly loved by modern businesses that have discovered its dynamic potentials in drawing huge traffic to their business sites to boost sales and profits.

This popular social media networking site enjoys millions of followers and users.

Hence, it is not surprising to have businesses drooling over Facebook for advertising to promote their wares freely. The three Ps of Facebook marketing can direct the success of an online business cost effectively; they are Posting, Promotion and Paid advertising.

Facebook advertising

There is a myriad of advertising options with Facebook. It is easy to set up a personal profile page for free and post or promote any item on its platform. Some promotion approaches may need a payment while posting is free. Free Facebook advertising is executed through a personal page profile with the posting of product or service information. Followers can be secured by the business if consumers like the postings and participate in various exciting offerings rendered by the business. This includes online contests, freebies and promotional discounts.

Securing many ‘Likes’ on a Facebook page is a great form of advertising on this platform and the Internet. Top search engines take a keener interest on pages that garner a high number of ‘Likes’. A higher number of ‘Likes’ spreads the popularity of the Facebook business/page quickly and further to gain a stronger market presence and popularity in the industry. It also builds up a list of potential leads to support the business.

Facebook advertising is about promoting the business through interesting and exciting posts. A post can be an online contest, free information that is relevant and useful to the followers or a giveaway that would thrill recipients. Facebook offers a promo feature that offers a wide arrange of costs to promote the business in various forms. The promo costs range between $5 and $20 for one day of promotion depending on the number of fans a page has now and later. The advertising posting appears in all fans’ news feeds positioned at the top for clearer visibility. Every business event or sales promotion can be effectively promoted this way.

Paid advertisements are another potential form of reaching the masses if there is a healthy budget. An attractive image with a catchy headline to target the right audience can be posted to their Facebook news feed section. The advertising campaign runs as long as the budget is not exhausted.

The wise business owner or marketer would attempt to synergize the 3P’s of Facebook marketing for a cohesive and cost-effective marketing campaign that would boost the business branding, market presence and bottom line.

Great gains can be secured with the 3P’s of Facebook marketing. Accurate statistics can be collated through Facebook posting, promoting and paid advertising. A special Facebook feature known as Insights can be accessed if the Facebook business/page can achieve at least 30 fans or ‘Likes’. Facebook Insights offer statistics on Likes and Unlike with analysis of each posting. This is helpful in determining the preferences of the Facebook audience to plan better marketing strategies or campaigns.

Powerful Facebook marketing strategies

The 3P’s of Facebook marketing can be successful with powerful marketing strategies on Facebook; one of which is to add only targeted audience that boosts the value of the business. It is crucial to connect with targeted audiences who are potential leads to the business instead of adding any Tom, Dick and Harry on Facebook.

Besides that, potential business partners or similarly minded marketers would be good inclusions to promote and expand the business with further business insights and potential leads. Long term business relations can be established with mutual benefits.

Another powerful strategy in Facebook marketing is to build strong relationships with personal contacts as this is the primary objective of Facebook. It is necessary to stay connected with friends and families who are the strongest supporters and customers for any online entrepreneur business. They can make recommendations of the business to their own circle of influence to propel the growth of the online business.

A daily contact would be ideal to stay in touch with the latest updates on personal and business issues.

This would be a great moment to learn more about their likes and dislikes which can be inspirational to the building up of the business. Such dedicated actions convey a deep commitment and active interest in their lives to gain their trust and favor which are great elements in boosting the online business venture.

The third powerful marketing strategy on Facebook is to build a highly potential leads listing with a commitment marketing update on a daily basis if possible. Friends and families can also be categorized into different parties for marketing to them the business offerings as there would be certain products and services which can be useful for these personal contacts. This strategic approach is normally adopted on potential leads and customers of the business, but it can also be adapted to friends and families on Facebook as they are also potential leads to the business with one strong feature; they are most likely to support the business. Hence, it is easy to convince these personal contacts to be the most loyal customers of the business.


Facebook marketing is very dynamic with a proper focus on the 3P’s of posting, promotion and paid advertising. High quality posts must be frequent or consistent to keep followers interested and coming back for more with a high possibility of forwarding or sharing such useful information to their own circles of contacts. This would promote the business for free with a higher credibility.

It is possible to exercise a daily posting with professional services in the market for a fee. These professional writers are skilled to produce high quality interesting posts that are bound to attract more traffic to the site. A posting can include pictures, videos and audio elements to make it more interesting and captivating.

Facebook postings can be promoted in a host of ways through online contests and freebies to draw more readers and visitors.

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