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Facebook can be a wonderful tool, which allows authors and writers to connect with their fans. Here are some tips on how to make the most of Facebook if you are an author or writer:

1. Create a Facebook "page", rather than a Facebook profile. Your Facebook profile is a personal but private site, which should be used to connect with your own friends and family, whereas Facebook "pages" have been developed by the website with businesses, bands or high-profile individuals in mind. Your page should have a few details about you and your work and a few pictures of yourself and your work, but do not include personal details that you do not want the world to know. You only need to create one page; do not create one to promote each book, as this can be overkill.

2. Update your status regularly, but not consistently. If people want more regular updates, they will take to Twitter. With Facebook, you have the chance to say something which is slightly longer than you would on Twitter, but that does not mean that you have to write an essay. People on social media sites often have short attention spans, and may not make it past the first few lines. About three or four updates per week is about the right amount.

3. Consider posting teasers or quotations from your upcoming work. Choose something that will whet the readers' appetites, but will not spoil the book for people. A good quote can get people talking and will encourage people to share your post, which means that all their friends will get to see it too! Many people who follow an author are hiring for the extra information about the plot or their favorite characters, so give them what they want.

4. Never post spoilers or publicly discuss the ending of any of your books. If people come onto your page and accidently read the ending to your latest work, the onus has been removed from them to actually buy and read your book, and many fans will be disappointed by accidentally finding out what happens. If you have requested on your page that people do not post spoilers, it can be worth checking and removing any fan comments on your page that do; This is not keeping people, it is protecting your fans who have not had chance to read the book yet.

5. Listen to what your fans have to say to you. Facebook is not one-sided and should not be used as such. If you interact with followers and take on board what they have to say, you can actually gain some interesting insight into the mind sets of your audience.

6. Make sure there are links to all your other social media sites, so that people who follow you on Facebook can easily find you on Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, your personal website and your blog etc. People who follow you in one sphere of social media may want to follow you in another sphere and they will potentially be connected with a different set of people via these media, so there before you can become visible to thousands of new people.

Writers and authors can use Facebook for self-promotion. These 6 important tips on using Facebook for authors and writers can help you to make the most of your Facebook account.

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