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When it's time for a web site re-design, it's often tempting to go the inexpensive route and opt for a web site template. There are hundreds of sites online where you can download a template, install it and presto! New web site.

Generally speaking, they're easy to use, require minimal effort and you can not beat the price. But when making a good impression (and being found on the search engines) counts, it's worth it to invest in a custom web site design.

Here's why:

Custom website designs are unique to your business.

When choosing a website template for your business, there's always a possibility that another company will be using the same design. This may not be a problem if no one notices … but what if they do?

Having a custom design guarantees originality and contributions to a sense of professionalism and credibility among your visitors.

Custom designs are built from the ground up around your company's needs, specifications and branding.

A template design could confuse your customers. Even with color customization (usually available in templates) and dropping in your logo, it still will not closely match your other business collateral.

A custom website design allows you to use the exact same colors, styles and fonts and will be consistent with the overall look and feel that your other marketing materials use.

Custom designs will provide you with a better product and, in the long run, will require less of a time investment on your part.

Yes, building a professional custom website will require a good bit your time, cooperation and participation through the initial process, but soon, you will begin to develop a relationship with your web design company. They will become familiar with your style and your needs and projects will become more seamless.

You can put your updates in the hands of someone you trust, allowing you to spend more time running your business rather than figuring out the best way to update your website.

Custom website designs are sizable and have no design restrictions.

Templates may have growth restrictions forcing you to conform to a design rather than having the design conform to your specific needs. In other words: When you use a template, there may not be room on the site each time you launch a new product or want to put up a new page. But how can you expect to sell a new product if you can not put it up on your website ??

A good custom website design package will also offer SEO services.

You've heard it before: It's important to include an SEO firm through the entire custom website design process. Having an SEO firm on board from the beginning ensures that your site is designed and coded with the search engines in mind.

But including an SEO firm also gives you access to experts in keyword research, SEO copywriting and link building, all of which are key components to being found in the search engines. And let's be honest: No matter how pretty your site is, if no one can find it, it really does not matter.

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