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As a social media manager who's always on-the-run, you could be sure to rely on a few important apps to keep you engaged and connected with your community. Here are the best apps that come highly recommended:

1. TweetDeck

With this app, individuals could customize their Twitter experience with columns, groups, automatic updates, and saved searches to assist them in staying up-to-date relating intriguing topics and people. This free app permits users to track what other people are voting about them, and provides updates through links, videos, sharing photos, and tweeting.

2. HootSuite

This app allows businesses to utilize the social web to launch their marketing campaigns, grow and identify their audience, and distribute target messages around multiple channels. Through HootSuite's dashboard, groups may collaboratively schedule updates to WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and a host of other social networks through mobile, desktop, or web platforms. Teams additionally may track industry trends and campaign results. A basic membership costs nothing; a pro membership is priced at $ 5.99 per month.

3. Gowalla

This free app allows users to share the places they visit with contacts and friends, utilizing videos, pictures, and posts. Social media experts may connect with Gowalla through Twitter and Facebook. Gowalla previously provides native apps for iPad, Palm, Blackberry, Android, and iPhone. Support for additional phones may be offered in future times by 3rd-party developers.

4. Shareaholic

This free tool for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and additional browsers, allows users to share all pages, anytime, with over 100 services such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Mail, LinkedIn, and WordPress. This tool allows users to simplify their bookmarks, as well as locate new materials as they come onto the Internet.

5. Kinoma

It's a mobile social media player which provides a plethora of features to users. Obtainable for Symbian / S60, as well as Windows Mobile 5 or later smartphones, Kinoma Play is priced at $ 29.99, with a no-cost trial offer. The company additionally provides a FreePlay version.

6. Friendbinder

It brings together friends from a spectrum of social media websites, like Digg, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook – even if friends do not join its no-cost service. Friendbinder allows users to track every friend within one place, and permits users to post responses and replies.

7. Twollo

Wanting to slash through the noise of billions of Twitter accounts? This is made to assist Twitter users in finding a rareer audience for their posts. There's a 4-day free trial offer. After that, it costs $ 5.99 per month for 5 keywords; $ 9.99 per month for ten keywords; $ 19.99 a month for twenty keywords, and $ 59.99 per month for unlimited keywords. A yearly subscription is also available for five, ten and twenty keywords.

8. Chirpstats

Formerly named Twitless – it's a Twitter follower statistics tool notifying Twitter account-holders as someone stops following you and informs them. This service, obtainable by following Chirpstat upon Twitter, will graph a users' follower history over a period of time.

9. Nest Unclutterer

Created by a staff curious about uncluttering life, this app assists users in ridding their Twitter follower marketer base, serial followers and other people. This free app eliminates followers who've been inactive for a certain span of time, assists in creating a white list, and allows users to review an account list.

10. Pluggio

It simplifies tweeting through scheduled tweets. This app additionally allows users to raise their following and find their content. There's a free thirty-day trial offer. A plus account is priced at $ 7.95 a month, a premium account is $ 9.95 per month and max account is priced at $ 19.95 a month.

Part 2 (another 10 recommendations) will be featured on website coming soon. See resource box for details.

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