The Best Way How to Start on Facebook

The Best Way How to Start on Facebook

Facebook is so popular; it can be use for many purposes. If you discover yourself not using Facebook or you not sure what it is about, on this article I'm going to explain on how you can start using Facebook, what does Facebook offer.

In Facebook, your purpose is to connect with friends or cousins. You can write your status, enable your friends to comment your status or like your status. You can write anything and you can write unlimited status there. For example, "I just bought a new guitar!" Egypt "yesterday was a great day". You can edit your info, upload your photos, upload your videos, write notes, add anyone and share anything.

Do set the best picture of yours to be set as your profile picture so that anyone that you know can recognize you and others can see how you look like so people that you can add you. You can see your own statuses and uploads on your profile section.

At the HOME section, you can see what others are sharing. You can comment and you can also like it. Remember that you can also chat with your friends when they are online. You can also send a personal message if you want to keep between you and someone personal.

Facebook currently have more than 500 million users. You can advertise your website via pay per click. You can also play games on Facebook, there are many different games that you can play and compete with your friends.

In conclusion, Facebook is not only to connect with people but to share anything with them or to express yourself in your own way.

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