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Facebook fan pages are a fun and fairly simple way to market your products or services to huge numbers of people from your target market. There are many big and small corporations that are making use of these fan pages to get more exposure and have more interested people get into their network. Why do we tell you this? Simple. It's because you can do the same thing, and there's no reason why you should not do it. Keep on reading, and you'll discover several excellent Facebook marketing tips as well as cool stuff for building fan pages.

A Facebook page is a living opportunity for you to spread your brand around to as many people as possible as often as you want. In all honesty, what you are actually doing is creating buzz for your brand over and over again.

You can do this by creating interesting competitions and run interactive campaigns for your fans where they can be rewarded for taking part. You can give out money as a reward or other items or social opportunities that relate to your company. This is a great way for you to get people interested in and engaged with your brand – and it helps you build a stable of clients who actually care about you and what you have to offer.

Your Facebook page must have a proper welcome tab. A proper welcome tab creates a proper greeting between you and the visitor which goes a long way towards ending them to you and your company. It also gives you a perfect opportunity to directly ask them to fan your page (aka the call to action).

This tab is also a great place to showcase any special offers you might be running that you can use as benefits for people joining your page. So, basically, this tab presents you with the opportunity to display anything that you feel would endear you to and welcome new fans.

Last but not the least; make use of the Facebook page Twitter app to promote your fan page. The strategy would be to get as many followers at Twitter for your fan page market, and then merely let them know about your fan page. Voila! You'll simply use the app as an auto-update tool because whenever you make a change at your fan page, an update, then the app will update your Twitter account. All this is doing is automatically trying to generate Twitter traffic to your fan page. Yes, of course, this is not the only one that does that, but we absolutely feel it's the only one that performs well. It's really straightforward because a person at Twitter will click on your update link, and then they'll arrive at your fan page, and then hopeful they will join your fan page.

In conclusion, building your Facebook page will take you lots of time and effort but the rewards will absolutely be worth it.

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