The Best Website Design Trends in 2015 – Sneak Peak

The Best Website Design Trends in 2015 – Sneak Peak

Websites are no more one of the entities of brand identity, they are the face of the brand today, the first impression of the brand for the consumer more so. True to the saying 'First impression is the last impression', the experience with a brands website decides whether the consumer wants to further explore the possibilities or not. Hence, it becomes highly critical that the brand website speaks the right language and shows a clear picture. The website design has to be impressive, engaging and user-friendly. Good design and gripping content topped by user-friendly experience is the recipe to a website that generates optimum ROI.

The web design ecosystem has evolved significantly over the years and here is a run down of the latest in store from them.

Size Does Matter – Big & Bold Fonts

Its time to speak out loud, with big and bold typography. Take the brand's message across in style – clear more so. Appropriate fonts, augments readability and improvements the aesthetics as well. Here, big and bold fonts are trending this year in the website designing world.

Ghost Appearance – Ghost Buttons

Buttons are used for navigation and the ones that are popular this year are the ghost buttons or transparent buttons. The use of these buttons avoids distractions on the page. These buttons are transparent with a border – very simple design, apparently. They also enhance the viewing experience particularly in websites where large images are used as backgrounds.

Survival Of The 'Fittest' – RWD

This is the age of Responsive websites. Be it computers, tablets, smart phones or more that is yet to come. Websites have to be ductile. RWD was trending, is trending and would be in the future too, most probably because using RWD is like giving your website the physical property of water – take the shape of its container.

Tweaking Darwin's theory a bit, I'll call it 'survival of the fittest' – if you fit in all the available screen sizes .. You have a better chance.

Keep Scrolling – All On One Page

Web-designers are trying their best to create designs that make navigation simple easy. More so with users preferring mobile phones to access websites on the go, this trend where all the content fits on one page, is becoming popular. Take it from the top to the bottom, meaning for any and every information, you simply need to scroll.

Go Interactive – Indulge The User

An interactive website keeps the user indulged since creating interactive websites is the need of the hour. The more interactive website offers better user experience and involvement of the user to the site. Let the user get into the groove with enriched experience. The rest will follow.

There is more to add to the list, but here the selectors five have been explained. So, if you are planning to create a new website or revamping an existing one, these tips would help you out to a good extent, positively. Go ahead, make the most of the tips and create a wonderful website for yourself.

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