The Don’ts of Website Design

The Don'ts of Website Design

Websites have become very critical tools for companies to promote their business. Everyone understands the role these mediums play in reaching out to people especially in marketing their products to a wide range of potential customers worldwide. A website design conveys so much about the company and acts as the face of the firm online. Some may have the misconception that a very flashy website with lots of elements or moving objects would be very attractive and eye-catching. However, unless you are advertising flashy objects crowding your webpage with those is not a good idea.

There are some major things that you must "AVOID" when it comes to website designing. Few of those website design don'ts are discussed here.

1. Do not place your content inside too many boxes in a website design. Take time to structure it well. Unstructured work is no sign of professional web designing and reflections on the reputation of the company and the web designer.

2. Do not have too many advertisements in your website design even though you may have plans to make money out of these ads. If you have 70% advertisements and only 30% content, people will not be motivated to visit your site as they are looking for more content. Too many advertisements can also be very distracting.

3. Do not try to add as many colors as possible in your website design with the idea of ​​making it look colorful and attractive. It will certainly backfire as the visitors may not be very happy to see so many colors and it may distract them from reading the content of the site.

4. Do not write content in big paragraphs. Try organizing the content in a readable format structured logically.

5. Do not make your visitors search for information on your web page, as it can become exasperating for them to go through many pages before finding any relevant information. Lay the most important information upfront and make sure you have a search box for not so important content or information.

6. Do not use too many different fonts in the website design. Try using few professional and readable fonts for the convenience of the visitors.

7. Do not use animated gif's or scrolling text or jumbled mess of text in your website.

Getting more traffic to the website is very important for any online or offline business. So keep your website design simple and professional to attract and retain customers.