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Social Media Platforms are constantly pushing us to "Connect" and it can be overwhelming to keep up as it is no longer just Facebook and Twitter but more and more are entering the market and demanding our attention such as pinterest, delicious and the list goes on .

I was inspired this week when I watched "The Amish Project: 90 Days Spent of the Communication grid" on YouTube about a guy who decides to disconnect from technology for 90 days including no phones (or text messages), internet, email or social media and documents his experience.

His journey is inconceivable for many of us, particularly those running a small business where social media is a vital aspect to building and growing your business.

However, it did get me thinking.

This weekend I am at my family beach house. All I can hear is the wind blowing in the trees as my young daughter sleeps. I have bought my lap-top but have no internet connection and mobile coverage is unreliable. It's a far cry from HOME having my website, Hootsuite, Twitter, Facebook, mail-chimp, EzineArticles, Google Analytics, Google AdWords, and many other research webpages going simultaniously.

This morning I played with my daughter – REALLY played with her – ticked her, built blocks with her, chased her, and took her for a walk rather than sitting at my lap-top doing work while she played on her own and from time- to-time trial to get my attention. We both really enjoyed ourselves without the distractions of technology.

Most of my evenings are spending trying to balance making dinner, time with her, talking to my husband, organizing our extension and cramming in as much of the 'bits and pieces' social marketing and administration work that needs to be done for my business.

So the point of all of this is that we all need technology free time , we all NEED to disconnect from our online lives and businesses in order to reconnect with our family.

Connecting with our loved one's in this brave new online world is something that has to be prioritized, and if need be, planned. Seven Ways to Disconnect from Technology:

  1. Get away somewhere remote as often as possible and only use your phone for emergencies;
  2. Think of some fun family activities where you have fun and laugh together. The Zoo or a picnic in a park is a great idea;
  3. Schedule technology free date nights with your partner and go to a movie or just watch a DVD together at HOME;
  4. If you are running a business do not build the expectation that you will be online and contactable over the weekend or late at night, set reasonable business hours and commit to them;
  5. If like me, you have so many ideas and actions buzzing around your head at the end of a work-day it's critical to do a "download". Get a notebook and write down any creative ideas you have, actions for tomorrow and anything else that is on your mind. This will help you switch off and importantly get a good night's rest;
  6. Make sure you do something relaxing for at least a half hour before bed – read a fiction book, meditate, do some yoga or watch a light show on TV;
  7. Take some "me-time" and participate in something each week that makes you feel relaxed and centred. My favorites are walking along the beach or getting a massage. This enables me to center my thoughts without the distractions of technology and social media and I feel completely energized afterwards.

The reason my weekends at our beach house are so peaceful is because technology is refused to an absolute minimum and priority is given to connecting, reflecting, relaxing and being together as a family.

But can I tell you a secret? I wish I knew what my website hits were yesterday ….

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