The Importance of Page Speed

The Importance of Page Speed

How many times have you ever visited a website and it takes an absolute age for the page to download. Most of us would admit to losing interest and either clicking back to go back to our search or closing the browser altogether and starting a new browser session.
I thought about how the world is changing and speed of information has become so important to many people and i thought I would create this article to help you out.

Why is Website Speed ​​Important

The reason why a websites speed of download is important is actually very simple and we can summaries in in two ways:

Firstly, as I mentioned above the world is changing and its looks as though all people are interested in is speed. How quickly you can retrieve information or how quickly you can arrive at your destination.

Secondly, The purpose of your website is to engage its audience. The quicker your audience is able to retrieve information the more they will click around your site and interact with it. They will also be able to spend longer digesting the information because there is no time lag for the pages loading. This allows them sufficient time to consider and also purchase your products within a very short space of time.

Identifying Your Websites Page speed

It is my opinion, that page speed is one of the factors Google looks at when ranking your website. Hopefully many of you are familiar with Google webmaster tools. Within webmaster tools is a section called "Labs " under which is a section called "Site Performance " this section tells you how your website performs on the internet compared to similar websites in terms of page speed and when your website has been indexed for a while it provides suggestions at the bottom of the page on how you can speed up your website. There is also a tool called page speed which you can install. It analyzes web pages and provides solutions for making them faster.

In the next article we will look at a few things you can do to improve your website's page speed.

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