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The Importance Of Response Web Design For SEO

Web design continues to change at a rapid pace. One of the main reasons for this is that the way people view websites continues to evolve as new technology and devices are introduced. Gone are the days when web designers could build a website and only factor in how it will be viewed from a desktop computer.

Today people can view your website in multiple ways. They can look at your website from their HOME computer, laptop, netbook, smartphone, tablet, and even through their television. Therefore, you need to design your website in a way that will create optimal viewing across all of these devices or you could give new users the wrong impression about your site if they can not view it properly.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is the solution to create optimal viewing experiences for your users. When a website is created using responsive web design principles, your website will be built in a way that will allow for ideal viewing, easy reading, and effective navigation with minimal need to stay and scroll, not matter what device you site is being viewed from . In this sense, the layout of your web pages adopts to the viewing environment, creating a better user experience.

SEO benefits of responsive web design

Responsive web design is not only import for viewing; it also has a number of SEO related benefits that should not be overlooked. SEO helps to increase awareness and website traffic for your website, and since more and more people are using mobile devices to search on the web, responsive web design helps you ensure people can find your website no matter what device they are using to search.

Here are the SEO benefits related to responsive web design:

• Reduction in bound rate: If your site is not properly formatted for all devices, people are going to leave your site. Responsive design ensures people can view your site properly, allowing them to effectively engage with your site across all platforms.

• One site for all devices: Rather than trying to build multiple versions of your website for each platform, responsive design allows you to create one site that will adapt based on the device a person is using to visit your website.

• No need for site re-routes: With responsive design you will not have to worry about pesky re-routes and mobile versions of your website, all of which could have an impact on your ability to generate search traffic and complication your SEO strategy.

• Division of link equity: If you have one site for regular web users and one for mobile, you may be dividing links between the two sites, which could impact the link equity of your website. Responsive design eliminates this issue alike as all links will be pointing directly to one website for maximum SEO benefit.

• Your page will rank on all devices: If you have a regular site and a mobile site you need an SEO strategy for each one, creating more work, and making it more difficult for your mobile site to rank in search results. Responsive design eliminates this issue by enabling your site to rank the same in search rankings across all devices.

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