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Web developers are computer programmers who usually specialize in the improvement of World Wide web applications or in the web applications that are normally dispersed over Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTP) which is a secure communication on the internet from a web server to a web browser.Their focus is in developing a web site for the internet or for a reserved network (intranet). This can range from developing a simple static page of a normal text to a more complex web-based internet application.

If you have a larger business, you can have many web developers but for smaller businesses, you only need one developer who will stay there and work for you for a while.

Web development can be categorised into various areas which are:

i) Server slide coding.

ii) Client slide coding.

iii) Database technology.

iv) Client side and Server side.

Where can you find these web developers?

Well, you can get a hold of them in various types of organizations such as small and medium sized businesses, large corporations and governments and they can also be working on their own as freelancers. Furthermore, some choose to work as full-time staffs for a certain organization while some as freelancers for an employment organization and others work as self-governing professionals.

How do they work?

Time and again, these modern web applications have three or more tiers and all these are usually determined by the size of the team they are working for. For instance, in a team that has two web developers, one of them may be concentrating on the tools that are sent to a client, example, JavaScript, HTML, while the other person can perform the work of delivering contents and scripts that the client needs, example, NET MVC, PHP, Perl among others. And that’s how it works!

Although, there can also be another developer who makes sure that there is proper communication between the two developers. They may also opt to work with copy writers, project managers, software architects or web designers.

How to become one:

For all those who wish to be like these computer programmers in the future, it does not really require you to have a formal education or a license but several colleges offer all the coursework you need. Articles and tutorials that educate on the same are also available for you. You should also have skills in JavaScript, programming and most importantly you should know how to operate a data base.

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