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The Many Benefits of Responsive Design

If you have not already noticed, mobile web usage is growing at an incredible rate. Smartphones have been used for some time to browse the web and tablets are becoming incredibly common around the nation. This is why responsive design has become so popular in the web design industry this year. It provides a website solution that can handle both desktop and mobile needs for any device. If you have not heard of or considered considering upgrading to a responsive design, now is a great time to learn more about it. It will benefit any website today and going into the future.

The one major thing responsive design gets recognized for the mobile friendly web browsing solution it provides. This is the major benefit but it also leads to more great things. Responsive design is true to its name. Web designs with this quality detect the screen that they are being displayed on and respond to the dimension. Basically there is a full screen design that rearranges itself to show the website in the best way possible on any screen. For tablets, a three column website may respond and shrink down to a two column site. When displayed on a phone it will likely shrink down to a one column site. It simply makes adjustments to display the website in a highly usable way on any size of device.

This also results in some great SEO benefits. Google and other popular search engines have made it clear that websites that accommodate the user will be rewarded in search rankings. By providing a mobile friendly website solution, you will be viewed as a better option than those that do not. This means when people use Google on mobile devices, Google will be looking for websites that are mobile friendly. Having a responsive design website will there before help with mobile SEO rankings. While this might not seem like the largest deal to some, it really is a big deal. As was previously mentioned, mobile browsing is at an all-time high and the growth is not slowing down. This makes being ahead of the game incredibly important.

Now is definitely the time to start looking into upgrading to a responsive design if you have not already. Mobile browsing is here to stay and providing users with a quality mobile solution will result in a better experience for your customers and more visibility on search results. Responsive design is definitely a part of the future of web design.

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