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WordPress is a webware used to create a professional website or blog. The significant benefit of it is free and priceless. It offers open-source blogging tool and cutting edge content management system (CMS) to manage a website easily with the aid of a dashboard type user-friendly interface. WordPress features a highly powerful plug-in architecture and a template system. On it, you will have thousands of plugins and themes developed by hundreds of community volunteers spreading across the globe. Over 60 million people use it for developing their websites. The popularity of this website is increasing day by day. The number of users is increasing by leaps and bounds.

The reason is probably its numerous benefits as mentioned below:

1. WordPress is highly flexible. It enables developers to create a new website and make significant changes for an existing website, using its easy to use content management tools. It offers an open source platform with quick installation and up-gradation facility. On it you can enjoy a wide range of plug-in options and effective database management facilities. You can enjoy the pleasure of a huge number of pre-designed and ready-made themes.

2. Installing it is very easy. Within a few minutes you can do it by simply following a few steps written over there. Once it is done, you will get a link through which you can proceed further. Here one thing you just need to do is to provide them with some general information.

3. You can do a lot of things within a very short time. You can have save several hours, working with the cutting-edge content management system (CMS). It is getting increasing attention just because of simplicity, security and user-friendliness.

4. WordPress will enhance your user experience. You can use and incorporate a number of plugins like RSS feeds, newsletters and Google analytic to take a look at the performance of your website. It will help you take effective decision on how to boost your website’s performance and ensure a very good visitor experience.

5. Another significant benefit of WordPress is SEO friendliness. It is extremely search engine friendly. Therefore, it increases the chance of your website visibility that helps you create a steady bottom-line for your business. You get more opportunity to sell and market your products and services over the internet. Your website gets good rankings (with various keywords and search terms) on the SERPs of major search engines. It derives much organic traffic to your website.

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