The One Key Benefit From a Mobile Website

If your business has a website already, why bother upgrading it for mobile? What's the benefit of making sure your website can be read and used on the iPhone, Blackberry, and Android phones?

It's simple: To reach the outrageously growing crowd of consumers going online with mobile devices.

Your company's website is a business asset that serves a business purpose – usually lead generation, sales and order taking, or customer service. If 25% of your website's visitors are coming via mobile, that means your website is only 75% effective.

Here's a story we hear a lot. A business owner or CEO gets a fancy new phone. Naturally, they will load their company website to check it out.

And guess what. They're HORRIFIED. They are alarmed to discover that it's unreadable on mobile phones, or even just does not work.

This is especially important for retail and restaurant businesses. Many restaurants have Flash-based websites. Flash technology generally does not work on mobile, and probably will not anytime soon.

If their website does not even load on a mobile phone, then as far as mobile prospects are concerned, does that business even HAVE a website?

No. They do not.

In addition, by not having a mobile website, a business is missing out on strong marketing opportunities that are exclusive to the mobile context. This includes text message marketing, mobile email, and integration with location-focused services like Yelp and Google Maps.

Make sure your website is working hard for your business … no matter how your prospects and clients go online.