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The social media has affected millions of people worldwide. It comes in many types but oftentimes, it is co-related with the World Wide Web. It has made communication as easy as a few presses, taps, and clicks with the use of the different computer capable gadgets. When a social interaction is done using these gadgets, it is referred to as mobile social media. Some examples of most visited mobile social media are Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Plus, and Multiply. These networking sites are also made available in virtual stores and can be downloaded for free. When downloaded to a mobile gadget, all you have to do is sign up, and the good thing is, it is always for free. There are lots of reasons why people get captivated with these networking sites.

Exchange of Ideas

One common attribute that social networking sites have in common is that the people who sign in and are members of a particular social media site can actually share ideas and make comments. It can indeed benefit a diverse group of people vent out their feelings, questions and ideas since opinions are very much welcome. Making comments can be advantageous to those who need immediate answers since they will be getting immediate first-hand information. However, users also have the freewill to ignore what they do not like.

Promoting a Business

Social networking sites may be utilized in order to endorse a product or a business. Let us take for example the platform of Facebook. It is evident nowdays that there are a couple of business owners who advertise their products in this type of social media, and they can effectively attract buyers and customers since there is no longer a need to look for a target market. To make a business profile and enhance a business venture, one just has to use his creativity. Rich media files such as videos and pictures with graphic designs can add attraction to the product. Small businesses as well as the big ones do brand crusading with the assistance from the "like" and "share" button of Facebook. These features promote awareness to all the users of this application so increase the chances of acquiring more clients.


Using technological advances can be very efficient and cost effective since there are minimal errors and more tasks can be accomplished with its aid. One cost reducing method in using technology is the use of social media applications to contact with friends and relatives anywhere across the globe. With the help of social networking sites, it is easier to locate friends and unite with them again. In Facebook, you just simply add them as friends and wait for their response or confirmation while in Twitter, you would just have to know the username of the person you want to follow or contact. The same goes with other networking sites.

There are more reasons why billions of people keep on patronizing and logging in to social media websites, some reasons may be personal, others may be just for the sake of having one. But whatever reason people might have as to why they opt to engage in social media, it all goes down to one point, and it is because it is inevitably part of our lives and we should be able to adapt to this technological improvement.

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