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Altar.io's 2021 top Development Clutch Award

Another great day for Altar.io. We have continued our streak of recognition by Clutch as we are named a top development partner in their 2021 awards.

We’re very proud to have companies like Clutch and Goodfirms recognize our hard work, just as we are proud to regularly feature in articles and lists of the top development companies all over the world.

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But, as I’ve said before, we are even prouder to see our clients succeed. 

We know how hard it is for entrepreneurs to decide on a software development partner. It is a decision that carries a lot of risks

Finding the right match is a key business decision and there are many factors you have to consider when you are searching for the ideal candidate. 

But when you do here is what happens: 

The Real Reason Why Altar.io Was Named A Top Development Agency In 2020 - The Review

No, I don’t mean a good review on Clutch

I mean a successful product. A thriving startup. A happy founder.

Just look at Philip, The co-founder of Apiax who gave us that 5-star review.

The Real Reason Why Altar.io Was Named A Top Development Agency In 2020 - Philip - Apiax Founder & CEO

Apiax is a fintech startup that provides regulation as a service for financial services companies. 

They went live in the summer of 2018. By the end of that year, they had secured major clients in the banking industry.

They went on to win Early Stage Startup of the Year at the  2019 Swiss Fintech Awards

They were recognised as one of the HOT TEN FinTech companies by FinTech50 and have been ranked among the Top 100 Swiss startups for the second year in a row.

Philip‘s success makes us extremely proud but it also shows us that we have achieved something great being part of such a powerful and successful product.

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The Real Reason Why Altar.io Was Named A Top Agency In 2020 - High Five

That’s how we measure success here at Altar.io.