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The Right Color Combination for Your Website

Color schemes are the hardest to pick when building your website.

Why is this?

If your favorite color is mid night blue, this may not translate into a website that is eye-appealing to potential customers. Also, you text and content may be hidden behind that color.

Your customer might leave right away after seeing a your color scheme, so having the right colors can change the appearance and initial reaction to your website.

Since there are infinite color schemes, which ones will best suit you?

When designing a website, not only are you designing functionality and accessibility, you are also designing readability or eye appeal. This is different from websites that use flash to entice the visitor. Flash sites also have the disadvantage of not having the search engines being able to view a website that is strictly made of flash.

The colors should be ones that suit you, however suit the customer more. Reds, blues and orange / salmon and black on white have dramatic impact on how you perceive. For example, red has been used to demonstrate a call to action (for example, 'buy' can be placed within a red context because you wish the customer to 'buy' your product. place the wrong headline in red, you will not have buying customers.

Blue is used to have a calm experience. For example, some yoga and meditation websites will use blue to calm and red to entice their visitors to 'buy' their mediation services.

Some other sites have used orange / salmon to great effect. These colors can also entice visitors to find out more about your products and services as well as a combination of black and white text and background.

Traditional black on white background is still very useful. This is the basic color scheme that we are all used to seeing and will also convey your message. What you can do is incorporated some of the other colors and see how they best suit your website and you business goals.

Color improvements the images we see. When this is applied to website design it's important to have your customer in mind. Determine which color scheme works best for your website and continue to test. Once you've found a color scheme that works, leave it. This will ensure your website business success.

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