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Wishing you had a cool job? Freelance sites, like GoFreelance, have cool jobs that anyone can do right from HOME. Here are ten of the coolest jobs that you could do right from your HOME even with no prior experience:

1. Internet Surfing. One company pays individuals to surf the internet for hours every day. The more you browse … the more you get paid.

2. Greeting Card Writing Thinking of trying your hand at freelance writing? Some companies pay per card and some even pay royalties for greeting card writers.

3. Write About Video Games You Try. Video gaming websites need people to write about the video games that they play.

4. Online Blogging. Writers and blog writers can earn a reputation and make great money by posting regular entries on websites. Many have been able to make it their full-time job.

5. Edit New Magazines. You will be sent copies of new magazines before they are circulated. You get paid for reading, commenting on and editing them.

6. Forum Posting. Get paid every week to discuss multiple topics on certain internet forums.

7. Online Research. You would get paid to research the internet for certain products or services and report it to them.

8. Athletic Shoe testers. A Corporation that makes shoes pays you to try their latest styles. They deliver them to you and you wear the shoes for a while and let them know how you liked them. They then pay you and you even get to keep the shoes.

9. Baby product testing. This one is especially helpful for a new moms. You test all kinds of new baby stuff, keep the samples and get a check for doing it.

10. Write News Stories. You are sent news titles everyday. From these news stories, you just write a first-person account on how this story directly affects you or someone you know.

With such great jobs out there … anyone can go freelance with a cool job that they love!