Things To Note When Re-Designing Your Website

Things To Note When Re-Designing Your Website

Do you have an older website that you can longer appreciate? If so do not get rid of it. Old sites can be upgraded by changing their layouts. This is a task that a talented website design expert will accomplish with ease. Web development techniques are dynamic these days and an older design may make your site appear less versatile and boring. Besides re-designing your site because of age, you may do it to suit your new purposes. Another reason is that remodeling your website's layout may improve its accessibility and usability.

There is something you should avoid completely. This is altering your web pages in a manner that confuses your loyal visitor. Remember that regular visitors may have already learned how to navigate different pages and how to do things they like. If you make very radical changes some of your customers may not appreciate them. This is probably the reason why a website design professional may be needed. They will know where to place some of the basic navigation menu elements so that your loyal visitors can find them.

A site can be re-designed also to make it friendly to search engines. This is as important as making your pages friendly to humans. A search engine like Google will assign a page rank to a website based on quality, relevance, keyword usage and other difficult algorithms. If you think that re-designing will get you closer to what Google and other search engines require, then go for it. Look for a reputable website design company to transform your site if you are able to do the task in person. It is essential to ignore structural changes when altering your old site's design.

These changes may include moving URL links from the old website to the new one. This can be done but the new site will not have all the backlinks you have spent years trying to gather unless more complicated precautions are taken. The main precaution is to be able to create and use the htaccess file. Beside structure, you can modify the Cascading Style Sheets or CSS file to adjust the appearance. This is a very simple task as you do not have to adjust every web page. Investing in a great website editor can be a good idea. You may use a professional web designer now and avoid them in future if you learn how to modify websites with a web editor.

It will be a very basic software application with one template on which you will do your edits on. The application will automatically replicate your template across all applicable pages. Prior to altering the layout, take the time to backup the content of your old website. This will help if you realize that the new layout has turned out the way you did not expect. You can quickly slip back to the older site by uploading your backup again. Finally you should expect two things. Your new website design may cause traffic decline or traffic increase.

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