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Have you ever wondered why some people seem to be inclined toward phenomenal bicep growth while some of us can not seem to hack it? Some of us (used to) parade in vests as bones hang out of the sleeves and seem invisible to the whole world while some showcase rippling veins and bulging muscle to the awe and admiration of the general public! I've found a little formula that will literally make your biceps big. My fellow body sculptors, biceps, like all muscles are very responsive to certain forms of MOVEMENT. Of course the type of movement and rate of growth will vary from one person to another but after seeing some huge improvements in the size of my guns, I feel I may have stumbled upon an ideal method.

The first factor that we can never run from is nutrition. I have written a number of articles of nutrition and it is not necessary for me to speak upon it on this article. In nutshell you must consume protein for muscle growth and carbs to give you the energy to go the extra mile for that ultimate pump which certainly helps in making your biceps big!

To achieve growth in your biceps, you must do it the 'other way'. That's it my friend. NEGATIVES! Not only are these brutally punishing, but they are damn effective and pumping on that extra mass on the arms. I have literally got stretch marks on my biceps because they are growing so quickly, my skin is being stretched beyond its comfortable limits. Negative curls are incredible in making your biceps big. There are two ways to do them and I will describe this now.

You need a dumbbell that is ~ 10kg above your one rep max bicep curl. Now sit on a bench and extend your arm to the floor. Be sure to rest your arm on your thigh for extra support. Now grip the dumbbell as you would when doing a normal curl but this time, use your other hand to help lift the dumbbell to the contracted position. Now lower the weight without assistance of the other hand. You must count at least 3-5 seconds while lowering the weight to get maximum benefit. Now repeat for 10 reps and do the other arm. This I find to be very taxing so do no more than 3 sets and watch those arms pop! This is guaranteed to make your biceps big if done correctly!

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