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If you’ve chosen the Melaleuca business because it’s a great company to promote you and love the idea of promoting the Melaleuca wellness opportunity, you’re on the right track with Melaleuca sales. After all, we all want to be healthier and wealthier!

No wonder the annual sales are over $948 million, as the Melaleuca business promotes nontoxic concentrated cleaning products with advanced science behind the manufacturing for the past 25 years. Furthermore, it ranks 10 out of 778 for public interest as of the date this article is written in 2012.

So Why Are Melaleuca Sales Reps Quitting?

It’s a shame that there’s such a high “fail rate” of Melaleuca representatives. Actually, they shouldn’t call it a “fail rate”, because it’s really only because people quit in this business that they fail. On the flip-side, statistics will tell us that, of those 5% of reps who decide to stick it out and grow and learn in the business, there’s a 98% chance of earning a six figure income within ten years!

But what can you do when you run out of leads and your Aunt Bertha just won’t listen to you anymore? We’re entering an internet marketing era where it’s difficult for the average multilevel marketer to be heard with traditional marketing methods. What do you when you here about a new product? Don’t you go HOME and Google it? Hence, the problem with the traditional “belly-to-belly” sales method.

What about Melaleuca sales online?

Now, there’s an idea. But exactly how hard is it to get your Melaleuca business off the ground and running with a Melaleuca sales online business? The internet can actually be your friend in that it will weed out those people who wouldn’t be interested in your business if you hit them over the head with a 2×4. When you learn the right way to market online, the internet will zero in on your target market, those people who are looking to buy your products or join your opportunity.

Most people these days need to be approached on average seven times before making a decision to buy. And, it has to be their decision… there’s no such thing as pressuring someone to buy, not when there are so many opportunities out there to break their attention away from you!

But on the upside, we’re fortunate to be living in an era these days where it’s really not so hard to get your business started online. I’ve laid out the following three steps to get you started with taking your Melaleuca sales online:

Formula for Melaleuca Sales Online

1) Start with a blog. Like I said, what has not changed in our environment is that people do still like to buy and join people who they know and trust. In the internet world, a blog is the “internet you”. You will have your own videos and blog posts on this site so people will get to know you. So, by the time you eventually get someone on the phone to talk to, they think of you as their friend!

I suggest that you build your blog around keyword phrases that people are searching for. I like to use the free Google keyword tool, “” to see how many people are searching for a particular phrase. And, by the way, “nontoxic cleaning products” gets 1600 searches a month! Or, promote your business, because “Melaleuca business” gets 2400 searches! If 10% of those leads come to you, how would you like 240 free leads every month?

2) Tell an enjoyable story that relates to you or someone you know. The more you are able to connect emotionally with your reader, the more interested they will be. Then, link your blog post to an intriguing video that will hold their attention. Don’t plaster the Melaleuca name on your blog post initially… you don’t want them to click away and Google the company to be captured by another Melaleuca sales rep! Instead, build curiosity and excitement.

3) Stay in contact with your leads. Once they opt into your website, you have this person as an interested lead. And leads are money! Use an email auto-responding system to keep in touch. That way, you don’t have to have the aggravation of approaching your lead seven times personally… your auto responder will do that for you!

Remember, the process of learning to be an online marketer takes time, so be patient. But as I like to say, just plan your work and work your plan every day without fail, and it won’t be long before you start seeing those huge Melaleuca sales commissions start flowing into your account!

Don’t be left behind by the guy who leaves you to go Google “Melaleuca business”. Wouldn’t you rather by the person on the internet who receives that constant lead flow to increase your Melaleuca sales?

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