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In: Social Media

If you need assistance controlling your venture into the social media minefield, retaining the services of a public relations agency may greatly assist you in navigating your way around online media practices. Since the advent and popularity of digital and social media, it is more important than ever for your business to have an online presence and a social media communications strategy to reach your stakeholders, remain competitive within your market segment, and manage your social media interaction.

In today's rapid communications environment, if your business is not utilizing these strategies, you simply will not be heard by many. Relying absolutely on traditional methods of media to convey your message is not enough anymore. You must undertake a multilevel approach to your communications strategy and incorporate the right mix of digital channels applications.

Marketing Miracle or PR Nightmare?

While social media has presented a significant marketing opportunity, it comes with tremendous risks. Information is now able to be distributed at an alarming rate globally and no longer do businesses have the luxury of days or weeks to respond – if communication does not transpire within hours, you risk losing control of your message. An individual consumer or company employee with a negative message to spread can accomplish their task quickly, while a negative news story about your business can reach millions in a moment. You have to be ready to respond, and the way you respond can have a major impact on consumer opinion. Believe it or not, the right approach to a negative issue can actually enhance public perception of your business.

A public relations agency can develop a social media communications plan that could assist you to build both a strong online presence for your company and appropriately manage any issues that arise out of the online 'conversation' about your company.

More and more, consumers are basing their buying decisions on their online research and reading customer reviews, articles and blogs to assist in their decision making process. Public opinion about your company is also compiled by this online research and the abundance of corporate information now available electronically means that consumers are more informed that ever before.

Engaging a PR agency to create your social media communications plan and to oversee these activities could give you a competitive edge. Your PR firm can help you make the best of these digital social platforms by assisting you with reputation management, sustainability PR, issues prevention and management and general corporate PR activities.