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Tips For a Successful Career in Web Design Freelancing

Tips to be a successful web design freelancer

Ever since the growth of freelance websites such as elance, several professionals all over the world started considering freelancing as an efficient means of earning additional money by offering their services to customers. While some pursue it in their free time, others made it a full time proposition.

A tremendous growth in the freelancing industry, especially in web has resulted in competition beyond one’s comfort level. It’s therefore important to understand how one can be an efficient and successful freelancer:

• Create a basic website with impressive portfolio if you wish to be short-listed by the customer

• To create your website, use open source platforms such as WordPress, Joomla because they are inexpensive and easy to customize

• Sign up on several top freelancing sites such as elance, freelancer, guru, odesk, rentacoder to make an initial break through

• Apply for projects that match your skill set and expertise. Customers inquire in length prior to selecting the right service provider

• Your quotation has to be accurate, reasonable and affordable for the customer to take a decision in your favour, more so when you are a new service provider without any ratings or customer testimonials

• A lot of new providers place the bid and assume they will be selected based on the quote, but that isn’t the scenario. Don’t just bid for the project, but also use the private message board to write your proposal so customer knows about your bid.

• Have patience. With ever growing competition and presence of the top and proven service providers, you need to plug it out and win your 1st project in order to make a beginning. For some, it may take a day or 2, while for others it can take longer than expected

• After winning your 1st project, the challenge of making your customer happy begins. Communication, regular work updates, acting quick upon the feedback provided by customer, completing the project within the stipulated time frame are some of the important factors that determine your success.

• Upon completing your 1st project, politely request your customer to provide a rating and testimonial for your efforts. This will open the gate of opportunities for you to acquire more projects.

• Never forget your 1st customer. Thank him for giving the opportunity and save his contact information.

• Show the project you completed along with the rating and testimony left by your 1st customer to other prospective customers. This will certainly improve your chances of penetrating into the market and beating your competition.

• Be realistic, honest and upfront about the project you apply. Outline what you can do, what you cannot and explain valid reasons. Consider asking questions about the project as interaction always helps the customer to know that you read the project description and took time to ask questions.

• Don’t rush in wanting to win the project. Wait for a reply after you post your 1st message and let the customer revert back at his/her convenience. If the customer doesn’t respond for a prolonged time, send a polite reminder requesting him to check your message and reply

While there are several other factors that influence your freelancing career, following these above mentioned tips will definitely give a boost for your quest in the world of freelancing

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