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Search engine optimization and website designing services are inherently related. The development processes are different in both cases, but it is evident that both SEO and web design services contribute to enhanced visibility of the website.

The main purpose of having a website is to promote a brand. So it is important for a site to be attractive, engaging and interesting. Along with that, you must ensure that your site is optimized for search engines. A well-optimized website can rank higher in search engine results and help you to attract potential customers to your site.

Making Your Website Search-friendly

Here are some important tips that can help ensure that your website is SEO-friendly:

Avoid using Flash : To make your site SEO-friendly, avoid using Flash designs. Flash can unduly make your site look good, but it is difficult for spiders to crawl through the flash design. Sites with predominately Flash design have little to offer as textual matter and whatever information is embedded in Flash can not be found by search engines. If it is necessary to have Flash on your website, include an alternative text description for your flash file.

Avoid using frames : As in Flash, it is difficult for web spiders to crawl through the frames. The content inside the frames are not indexed by the search engine spiders. If you want to use frames, you can use a NOFRAME tag. This tag will allow some of your content to be indexed.

Stay away from spammy hidden text : Hidden text or invisible text is considered as a spam which mislead search engines. Using hidden text could get search engines to penalize your website with low ranking and sometimes even ban it from search results. Also, you should ensure that font color is not as same as the background color.

CSS Navigation : Using CSS drop-down navigation will make the text crawlable and indexable by search engine spiders. This helps search engine spiders to read the information in the navigation menu and also helps them to follow the hyperlinks used in the web pages. Flash or JavaScript does not allow this function. Some mobile devices have problems with JavaScript. For better visibility, include a multi-level CSS drop-down navigation menu.

CSS style sheets : It is important to create a user-friendly website that loads fasts to achieve higher search engine rankings. Visitors lose interest in slow loading sites. Including CSS style sheets can facilitate fast web page load times.

Always use ALT tags : Use ALT tags or alternative tags for images to tell search engine spiders what the image is about. Search engines use ALT tags not only to identify the images but also for keyword density purposes.

HTML Heading level tags : Use HTML header level tags (H1-H6) for better SEO results. It is important to place keywords in your heading tags because it includes clues to the site's main topics.

Use keywords properly : Good SEO means using keywords in the right places. SEO-friendly website design services ensure that keywords are included in the URL, heading tags, page title and meta tags.

Google's ever-changing algorithms are a challenge when it comes to online visibility. Find a professional SEO company that can provide you with customized SEO services. The right company can provide you with a good SEO strategy that would help you stay competitive and be found online. The SEO packages offered by a reliable service provider would include the right blend of link building, content creation and social media optimization services which can help build your authority and brand and enhance your search rankings.

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