Tips for Effective and Quality Website Design

Tips for Effective and Quality Website Design

Tips for Effective and Quality Website Design

There is no business that does not gain from having a online presence, but small business owners find it difficult to keep and maintain the presence of their sites. In these times of high competition every business seeks a way to decrease the costs. For any business, getting a website designed means increasing the expenses. It is later on these investments that yield high dividends, provided the website is successful.

Quality Website Design can be successful only when the visitor is redirected to the site naturally. However, the most difficult part is to make the visitor stay on a particular page form more than 4 to 6 seconds which improves bounce rate of the website. If the visitor has come naturally to the website and if he likes the look and feel of the website and finds something interesting on that webpage within this short time frame, there is high chances he may stay on the webpage for some more time and this in turn can may lead to an increase in the business prospects.

A Website Design can make or break your online presence. Every web designer should know the importance of fast loading of the website. Use of high resolution images can take time in loading of website and has higher chances of visitors leaving the website. Keep in mind a great web design should not take more than 10 seconds to load.

Clear navigations are the second most important thing. A visitor should easily navigate through the complete website. Mega menu which are widely used now for websites which have more than 50 products to sell, becomes easy to navigate. A website's top corner should have the important links as it is the first place a visitor will look at. Make use of footer for other important links.

Give more importance for all screen resolutions. In today's world, computers come with much variety of resolutions from 640 x 480 to 1024 x 768 and higher. It is the best to design your site through the help of percentage instead of pixels.

Test out browser compatibility. Check your website for the top browsers like Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Netscape. Your website should have the same look and feel in all the above browsers. It is difficult to apply complex HTML designs in Netscape but this is important for your viewers who use Netscape.

Use fonts that look professional. Even the website fonts can make or break a website. It is very important to use basic and professional looking fonts for your website.

These are basic tips for Quality Website Design

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