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Tips for Setting Up a Blog on Your Website

Setting up a Blog on your Website

Blogging can be a great way to get traffic to your website. Web designers prefer to make a blog or add a blog to their website under a sub-domain because it adds back links. Back links are an important aspect of SEO and Page Rank. While this looks like an easy way to bring traffic to your page, keep in mind that blogs require frequent updates to keep your visitors reading your blog,


Setting up a blog on your website is very simply, especially if you use a host like Go Daddy. Go Daddy allows you to one click install software like WordPress. After Installing WordPress on your web server, you can log in to WordPress control panel to customize your blog. WordPress allows you to visually customize your site without having to use any code at all.

Free Hosting

Blogging companies like Google and WordPress offer their software and a free blog domain. Although free blogs can still be useful. free hosting websites do not give you ownership of your blog. Your site will be owned by the hosting company that provides the software for you to use. In return, you get a free domain and free website building software.

If you have a monetary goal I would recommend either hosting it yourself or designing a website. A website will be the best option for you. A free blog would not allow you to generate revenue through advertisements. Web Design takes some patience to learn, but with perseverance you will not have any trouble.

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