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Tips For The Design Of Your Website

So you've bought your host and are ready to design your website, if you've chosen a good host, then chances are you do not need to know much at all about HTML and other technical issues. If you've gone the other route and just got a basic one, it can be a bit tougher, but that same rules apply. Just be sure to learn some HTML being checking out other articles, if needed.

Even with the basic packages you really do not need to know much about the technical issues behind it. It just helps to know a thing or two and can make things go a bit faster.

Anyways on to what you really want, the design.

Now you've probably got ideas of grandeur, wanting to make you website flashy and a bit over the top.

While put those ideas to rest because without you are making one about disco or something along those lines, forget it.

All you need is a good, clean, crisp design. You do not want it to look overly flashy because although it may look good to you, most ordinary people who are going to be viewing your website, do not want to go blind or feel overwhelmed.

You also do not want them to feel that way because they will leave and your website will never gain steam.

Plus you may not get taken as seriously, as you would if it looks professional.

So forget flashy, unless it ties directly into what you are doing and your website traffic will assume flashy goes hand and hand with your topic, forget it.

Most hosts have a variety of options that you can use to create your website. Check out their layouts and mix and match until you find something you like.

Also get your friend and family to give their reaction to your layout. The main things you want to know is if it is presentable in a way that makes you legit and if it's easy to find what you want.

That's another main aspect accessibility. You want your traffic to be able to maneuver through your website with ease. You also want them to read the relevant topics or issues on your site.

So do not go putting the link to one of your main issues on the bottom of the page and say a contact link up top. Simple steps like this can make or break your site.

Also you do not want to go flashy, but at the same time you do not want to be too generic that your site just mixes in with everyone else's. You want your site to have something about it that makes it stand out.

Whether that is a catchy domain name to a color scheme that fits your topic, you have to work that fine line of not being too over the top but not being under the radar as well.

A good way to get a handle on this is to take a browse through some of your favorite sites, see what makes you like them and see what makes them popular, if they are.

Now try to incorporate some of that into your design, but make it original because a clear copy will not get you anywhere, but could also find you slapped with a lawsuit.

Another key issue to remember is the font size and color. Do not go making your font color a bunch of rainbow colors and expect anybody to read it. Do not start typing all I bold or caps, making people feel like your screaming at them.

Use such things as caps here and there, but subtly to get your point across. Some topic may need blatant use of them, but most will not. So keep an eye out for that and if you find yourself using many colors or caps, stop yourself right away.

Another issue to remember is the more fancy you try and make your website, the slower it will load. This could mean less traffic because people may get fed up and just go elsewhere.

So as with a lot of things, more is not always better in website design.

Remember your dimensions too. Mot websites stay in the 600X600 to 750X750 range. So if you stay between that for all your pages you should be fine.

It will take some playing with it to get the dimensions right though because some images may look distorted if you stretch things to far or to small.

So again make sure you check this overly thoroughly before launch your website.

These are the main issues when developing the design for your website. But the number one rule is do not be extravagant.

Keep things simple, make sure your website loads fast, do not make it hard to navigate and above all make sure it is easy on the eyes.

If you want a successful website you have to remember you are not making it for you, you are making it for everyone else.

So by keeping it simple you appeal to the masses and not just people like you, making your website that much more profitable and successful.

And that's the lets Face it Facts.