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You're "provided to" have a blog, website, social networking accounts with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn; submit articles online and more!

This attitude of "having" to write for these online channels is overwhelming! It stops many entrepreneurs from using online marketing to their benefit.

The following tips will help you whether you're writing for your website, blog, articles or social networking accounts (or all of them!)

1. You do not HAVE to use all of these online marketing channels! If you're just beginning (or if you've set up accounts, blogs and / or a website that you do not keep up to date) – RELAX. Relax and know that you can begin where you are.

2. Pick a channel to concentrate on. Your blog. Facebook. Twitter. LinkedIn.

3. Again, relax. Know that you're going to write in your own voice. Take a few minutes to contemplate the topic you'd like to write about. Take a few breaths. Think about how you would talk about this in a conversation.

4. Use your own voice. Who are you conversing with? What are they interested in? What can you give them that will make THEIR job easier?

5. If you have not gotten comfortable with writing, try recording your topic. This will help you clarify your message and develop your personality.

6. Read the writing of others you admire. Notice their style and personality. Pay attention to how they make their points.

7. Remember, it's statistically proven that people spend the most time online when they're being entertained and educated. So, it's great to incorporate an interesting or funny story (or cartoon) into your writing.

8. Do not be perfect. No one is. Pretend that you're just writing a draft and let the words flow. Then go back and make sure you are using good grammar and punctuation. Share your knowledge now! Do not wait till you think you're a perfect writer!

9. Do not try to get all your ideas into it. Say enough to be valuable and use links to other articles, your website, blog or product.

Have fun! Be yourself. Be authentic. In today's online world, people will notice if you're not using your own personality, or your own voice. In a strange way, the internet is making us all be "human" again!

You'll attract people who have the same type of personality, interests and are interested in your business.

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